About Mwangi Kwesi

M W A N G I is a lifetime health advocate.  In penning his first book on holistic health, he has taken his more than 35 years of experience as a personal trainer, nutritionist, instructor, and researcher and created a program to improve one’s health and guide one along the path to creating a personalized daily health maintenance plan. 

Mwangi firmly believes that the role of nutrition in daily health maintenance is horribly underutilized.  To that end Mwangi has spent the last 25 years researching, experimenting with, and designing whole food nutrition regimens to replace any need for or dependence upon pharmaceutical products for health.  YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH is Mwangi’s core belief and clarion call. 

Everything that Mwangi teaches, HE LIVES.  Every aspect of health covered in his book and program – meditation, intake of water, food and nutrition, stress maintenance and elimination, exercise and fitness, endorphin production – is a part of Mwangi’s daily health regimen and he joyously shares his experiences and acquired knowledge with all who desire a fundamental and transformative change in their life and health.